Will the Skincare Industry ever see a decline?

That is the question I want to propose to you today. It is quite a big one to tackle, but let’s do our best to see if we can crack it.

Unlike previous industries I’ve highlighted in this blog, it seems to me that the makeup and specifically skincare industry seem to be going leaps and bounds, and showing no signs of slowing.

The question is, is there a particular reason for this? The global population is increasing, which evidently means as time goes by there are going to be more people in the marketplace. But are people generally becoming more and more aesthetically conscious?

Are we living and behaving in such a way that prohibits our bodies natural defences against aging? One could argue that we are healthier than ever. Globalisation has meant most of the western world has access to almost all foods, meaning a completely balanced and optimised diet is easily achievable. Whether or not many people are actually following through with this is a debate we should perhaps leave for another day.

I feel there’s a bit of dichotomy in the western world in terms of health. Many of us are incredibly health conscious and would aptly be described as health freaks. The health of these people’s skin will be benefiting from their prolonged exercise and well balanced diets. Perhaps their need for skincare products is declining.

Growth in global beauty market


On the other hand though, a great deal of the population is hopelessly lazy. Advents in technology mean that we can afford to be lazy if needs be. We can work desk jobs, and still find a way to make a living and survive without exerting too much energy. In many countries this may account for the majority of the population. Perhaps this is the reason why the beauty and skincare industry is still on the rise. These people aren’t taking proper care of themselves which is leading to a decline in the appearance of their skin.

Finally our addiction to our screens (phones, laptops, tv) means we are staying up later than ever. This is having a huge negative affect on our skin which has naturally led to the industry profiting.

Despite all these battles we have with our skin, the good thing is is the industry is there to help us. There are many affordable products out there that do an incredible job at combatting all that I’ve mentioned above.

Moisturisers, face masks, and serums to name but a few are all designed with this in mind. This under eye serum in particular has been known to have a tremendous effect on the battling skin decline. Please give it a try and let me know what you think.