The Observer

I’m the person that writes the articles you’re able to see on this site. I’m just extremely interested in watching how things play out on the internet. And I thought it’d be cool to write about the things I see and try to figure that all out. That basically sums up me and as I don’t feel very comfortable sharing too much personal info (I apologize but the internet is as terrifying as it is fascinating) you can just call me Marlene.

I like observing how the internet can take the various forms that it does. All the different types of trends and phenomenon that take take place on here are honestly more interesting to me than a lot of things. I’d gladly lock myself in my room all day to just watch how things develop but seeing as I have responsibilities and want to stay a responsible contributing member of society I can’t very well do that unless I accumulate a substantial number of vacation days. Anyway what I can find the time to observe you’ll find documented here.