The most interesting makeup hacks found on Instagram

I love looking through life hacks whether they’re useful to me or not because they’re just genuinely interesting. As someone that struggles somewhat with makeup I personally think that any assistance when it comes to looking better is a massive help. Looking around Instagram there’s a bunch of these makeup hacks that you can find by following any massive number of people. The sheer number of people with makeup tips, tricks and hacks is quite frankly astounding and also equally daunting. In light of those facts I’ve gotten together a few of the ones that I personally think are pretty neat and might be useful to know. Before we get into the hacks though maybe try out the lunar moisturizing mud mask for an amazing facial mask experience. Now back to the hacks–

Hack #1 Use a fork for contouring

It might be hard to fix your contour without a proper guide. Handy little tip is take a fork and place the center along the bridge of your nose. If you think that sounds crazy go grab a fork and try it out. You’ve got a much better chance of not messing up your contour this way.

Hack #2 Use a wide rubber band for the perfect French tip

You know those big rubber bands they use to bundle broccoli at the supermarket. Wrap around the tip of your fingernail and just reveal the portion you want to get that French tip. Don’t worry if you get some on the rubber band that’s kind of what it’s there for. It takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it you’ll never want to go back.

Hack #3 Beauty Blender egg surprise

It’s straightforward just keep your beauty blender in one of those plastic eggs they use for Easter. It’s cheap and it helps carrying around your beauty blender without having to worry about it getting smushed around in your bag.

Hack #4 Cat’s Eye with post-it notes

Cat’s Eyes are ridiculously hard to pull off. For those of us who haven’t put in enough practice yet place a sticky note next to your eye. Finding the right position takes a little practice but way less effort than a cat eye without it.