The internet for me

The world has forever been changed by the introduction of the internet. But I’m sure the same can be said for many inventions over the millennia of humanity’s existence. The internet though is something I believe stands on its own as a way of advancing our species overall. We enjoy a level of connectivity with our fellow man that would not only be unheard of in years past but considered downright unthinkable.

Isn’t it ironic then that for some the internet has become a means to avoid human contact. This isn’t me preaching from some sort of high horse, nor is this me trying to talk about how “the old days” were better. I personally enjoy the age we live in and all the pros and cons that come with that fact. The greatest thing that I enjoy about the age of the internet isn’t the many social media websites for getting in touch with people, nor is it the social media platforms and streaming services which provide me with hours of entertainment every day. The thing about the internet age that I love the most is the entirety of online shopping. I love being able to purchase anything I could possibly think of (and of course afford) after a few clicks of a button. The variety is fantastic seeing as I can literally order something from another continent and have it delivered to my house in little more than a week at most.

Now I can already feel that some of you might be thinking that I might be someone that prefers to hide inside my room all day and detests sunlight. Sorry to burst your bubble but I get out and about fairly regularly. I just enjoy doing my shopping in particular online for the most part.