How the internet has changed the men’s grooming industry

Thank you for al your lovely feedback from my first post. I was thrilled to find that my new writing hobby has already garnered me a few followers!

Today I thought I’d write about the counterpart to last month’s post – How the Internet has changed the men’s grooming industry.

The men’s grooming industry, and in particular, the beard grooming industry has experienced an immense boom in the last 5 years or so.

The reason for this? I believe it’s because people have begun to create products that meet a specific demand that didn’t use to have a supply.

This coinciding with the fact that beards have become incredibly fashionable (you can blame David Beckham for that) in the last few years, has what I think caused this so-called ‘boom’.

A third contributing factor, is the point that in this Internet age, many people are deciding to quit their jobs and launch an online business on their own.

Bearded Businessman

One of the most popular and successful business models is product creation – eCommerce just keeps going from strength to strength after all.

Furthermore, most people are smart enough to know that’s important to create and sell a product that you believe in – one that you would probably use yourself even if it wasn’t your own brand.

In some ways that is the key to success. The fact that a lot of these twenty somethings that are taking the leap and growing their own businesses are bearded men, has naturally led to a rise in the popularity of beard grooming product online.

Not only are beard oils and kits fashionable, but other seemingly obscure accessories are too. One of my favourite accessories is something called a beard brush. You use them to quickly whip a scruffy beard into shape, and to also help distribute oil and wax around your facial hair. Handy!

I hope you now understand that men’s grooming is big business! The market does seem to be incredibly flooded though, so if you were looking to start your own online venture I may suggest staying away.