How the Internet has changed the beauty industry

We’re here! Here to regale you with our knowledge about internet phenomenons and crazes that seem to be taking over the world right now.

One such craze is the recent influx of online only beauty brands that seem to be cropping up all over the place at the moment. Long gone are the days where women would walk down to the drug store to grab their makeup and skincare essentials. Now a plethora of brands have a multitude of products readily available.

What has caused this fairly sudden change in the industry? It’s not hard to see that the Internet has been the driving force. It has changed our lives in so many ways, but one important change that people often overlook is how our shopping habits are now different.

Shopping online means we’re able to look at a lot of products in a very short space of time. This in turn means we can ‘shop around’, and if you know where to look, quickly find the best bargains going. To those who are hard up so to speak, this is a life saver. Young woman in particular are flocking to this new brands that are similar quality products but at a cheaper price.

beauty shopping online

Not only that, but instead of having to venture into town to purchase these products, they can be delivered to your door, at quite often no extra expense (if you have Amazon prime for example).

It’s not all hunky dory in the online beauty industry though. Gaining entry in to many of these online marketplaces is far easier that getting your product in Boots or Walgreens or similar retailers for instance.

This means that less trust worthy and reputable sellers and brands are thriving online. A further problem with an online purchase is that you’re not able to try the product before you buy. Nor are you able to hold it in your hand, gauge its size and determine whether or not you think it would make a good gift.

Despite all this, I am guilty of doing copious amounts of online shopping, including beauty products that I buy for my wife. For example, not long ago I purchased a new makeup primer for her and she was growing frustrated with her old trusted brand. Despite not being able to try it before the purchase, she actually loves it and was very pleased. Such is the way with the internet, you’re never too sure what you’re going to get.