How the internet has changed me!

In my first two articles I discussed how the Internet has changed the beauty industry and the men’s grooming industry.

Today however, I wanted to write about how the Internet has changed me!

My studies and research over the past year or so have had a profound effect on me, and as a result I have changed quite a bit as a person.

The point in which I was doing extensive reading on the men’s grooming industry – so I could put together an incredible for you guys! – was when I really started to get interested and begin to think about how I could change my habits and daily routine with regards to grooming as well as dress and attire.

I tried my best to look at my outward appearance from an objective bird’s eye view. This is an exercise that I also read about on the internet. In doing so, my aim was to get an idea of how I portray myself to the people that I see regularly in my life, from work colleagues to family and friends.

I came to the conclusion that I often look scruffy and have a habit of rushing in the morning and paying very little attention to my overall looks and appearance.

scruffy beard

When I started thinking about it, I began to realise that this negligence might be having a negative affect on my life. It may be halting my chance of receiving the promotion that I really want, or it may be one of the reasons why my girlfriends parents are quite critical of me.

When I came to this realisation, I decided that it was time for a change. I started shopping for smarter clothes, and taking the time necessary to wash and prepare them better. I also decided to try and keep my beard more styled and kept consistently.

This is much easier said than done! My biggest ally in this time of change turned out to be this, my trusty tool for combing my beard. I’m not sure what I’d do without it.

Every day this was the one item I’d turn to to help me quickly get my beard in shape before I left the house. I highly recommend you get one yourself if you’re a bearded man that’s short on time. What a lifesaver!