Autumnal Ingredients

Here’s a fact about me… I have oily skin. Around 50% of the population actually have oily skin so at least I’m not alone here. Hopefully it’ll mean I’ll get less wrinkles! Now we’ve transitioned into Autumn, some areas of my skin have actually turned a bit dry… very unlike me. So anyway, this inspired me to get researching into the best skincare ingredients to use in Autumn and Winter. I’m going to talk through what I found with you guys.

Of course, Hyaluronic Acid is a key ingredient needed in our skincare routines at this time of year. It works as a magnet for moisture, helping cells to retain as much hydration as possible so that the skin feels and looks plump and healthy. If this isn’t an ingredient you have in your skincare routine all year-round, you need to get on board with it!

Next up, Ceramides. I’ve regularly heard about Ceramides from skincare experts but never invested time into finding out more about the ingredient. Skincare products containing ceramides will help reinforce your skin’s barrier and increase hydration, all while reducing fine lines and wrinkles – could it get any better! This is an ingredient I’m definitely going to be adding to skincare routine soon, I’m just trying to find the perfect product… I’m thinking maybe some kind of serum?

The ingredient I found most interesting is Ginger Root. Unlike the other ingredients mentioned, its main purpose isn’t to hydrate the skin. However, it can help boost radiance and reduce redness, which I’m also very prone to in these chillier months. I discovered this moisturiser recently in Holland & Barrett whilst shopping with my friend. It’s formulated with Ginger Root Extract and has been a life saviour for me recently. It’s definitely the best moisturiser for oily skin that I’ve managed to find so far. The combination of the Ginger Root Extract and Aloe Vera in the cream makes for a perfect hydration boost for my dry patches, whilst also calming my redness. Not to mention its light non-greasy consistency to help prevent my breakouts. Could it get any better!

That’s enough from me for today, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Who knew skincare could be so much fun!